Climate & Health Task Force testifies in support of King County fossil fuel moratorium

On Wednesday, March 13th, four members of WPSR’s Climate & Health Task Force testified to King County Council supporting the six-month ordinance prohibiting new fossil fuel projects! Over 30 people testified in support of the moratorium, which was passed in January.

You can watch the video of their testimonies here.

The physicians included:

  • Dr. Dianne Glover, a pediatric infectious disease specialist who spoke about her infant patients and how climate change excacerbates wildfire smoke pollution that can significantly harm lung function, especially in babies born prematurely

  • Dr. Annemarie Dooley, a nephrologist who’s seen increases in heat-related kidney disorders in her patients as our region has experienced higher temperatures in recent summers

  • Dr. Margaret Kitchell, who spoke about the Lancet Commission’s findings last year that city-level carbon reduction is a key piece in reducing the health consequences of climate change, and

  • Dr. Ken Lans, who encouraged Council members to mitigate air, water, and climate pollution in their regulatory re-write and hold fossil fuel projects to high environmental review standards.

Thank you to 350 Seattle organizers and all who attended to support this important policy!