Senate Joint Memorial on preventing nuclear war moves forward!

Washington Against Nuclear Weapons had a great day on Friday, February 22nd. We are delighted that the Senate State Government, Tribal Relations & Elections Committee voted in favor of Senate Joint Memorial 8006, which now sends it to the Rules Committee.

Ten individuals representing Washington Against Nuclear Weapons and Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility testified in support of SJM 8006, a measure that – if passed – would send a request to President Trump and the leaders of both houses of Congress to take specific actions to pull our country back from the brink of nuclear war.

We are grateful to Sen. Hasegawa for introducing SJM 8006 and to Rep. Tarleton who introduced HJM 4008 in the House. We are also grateful to the co-sponsors of these Memorials. And we are especially grateful to all of the individuals who attended Friday’s hearing, testified in support of SJM 8006, and/or contacted their legislators urging support of this measure.

One memorable moment on Friday was Senator Hasegawa’s introduction of SJM 8006 to the Committee. When he mentioned the large collection of nuclear weapons housed in Washington State at Bangor, the gasp in the crowded room was audible. That gasp reminds us of what an important opportunity this is to educate our fellow Washingtonians about the immense risk we face. Onward in the quest for a safer future!