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Take Action: Health professionals reject fracked gas in Tacoma

Left: WPSR member and family physician Dr. Lisa Johnson speaks at a rally to deliver thousands of comments opposing fracked gas.

Despite opposition from the Puyallup Tribe, over 80 community organizations, and Governor Inslee, Puget Sound Energy (PSE) is still working to complete their fracked gas project in Tacoma. This project is an affront to our climate, health, and local community safety. 

PSE needs one final permit from the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA). The agency has used flawed analysis to informed its decisions related to this project, including inaccurately assessing the climate impacts of methane and relying upon flawed safety studies. LNG projects are inherently hazardous; Washington and Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility health professionals recently released a detailed research report confirming that fracked gas infrastructure creates grave threats to human health and safety.

PSCAA is accepting comments on its preliminary determination to grant Puget Sound Energy the final permit needed for this facility. Submit your comment to PSCAA using this form today: health advocates reject this project.

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I am disappointed in Puget Sound Clean Air Agency’s preliminary determination to grant the permit for Puget Sound Energy’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility. The agency should reconsider its role, uphold its mission to “protect public health, improve neighborhood air quality, and reduce our region’s contribution to climate change,” and deny this project. 

This decision disregards the obligation to conduct meaningful consultation with the Puyallup Tribe, puts the citizens of Tacoma at great risk, and unnecessarily locks us into decades of fossil fuel use in the middle of a climate crisis. Leading health and medical organizations acknowledge climate change as the greatest threat to public health we face. As a health advocate, I see the impacts of climate change in my community, from air pollution that exacerbates respiratory disease, increased incidence of heat-related illness, to safety threats of extreme weather events. It is irresponsible to permit new polluting fossil fuel infrastructure given the state of our climate crisis and its impacts on human health in our region. By using outdated figures to calculate the climate impacts of methane, PSCAA’s supplemental impact statement (SEIS) fails to use accurate science and should not be used to inform the Preliminary Determination. 

Furthermore, PSCAA has done nothing to ensure that gas supplied to the LNG facility would be put toward the end uses evaluated in the SEIS. Fracking in British Columbia is contributing to serious health ailments and diseases; increasing demand for fracked gas is unconscionable and will contribute to pollution and further adverse health effects there. 

These flaws in the agency’s analysis must be addressed and evaluated in a new, comprehensive, and accurate EIS before PSCAA can grant PSE this permit. Comprehensive and accurate evaluation would demonstrate this proposal’s unacceptable impact on our climate and community safety. 

Because PSCAA did not engage in meaningful consultation with the Puyallup Tribe as required by law and has used outdated assessments and incorrect data to inform its determination, the agency has failed to uphold your stated mission and ignores the adverse impacts this project would have on the community and the climate.

PSCAA can, and should consider these flaws in the analysis, address the lack of consultation with the Puyallup Tribe, and deny this permit.