Our Strategic Plan 


Mission: Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility engages the community to create a healthy, peaceful and sustainable world.

Vision: We envision a world where all live healthy lives free from the threats of nuclear war, global climate catastrophe and injustice.


Priority I: Nuclear Weapons

Our vision: The abolition of all nuclear weapons globally and the prevention of nuclear war.

  • Goal 1: Enlist Washington members of Congress to take action on nuclear issues
  • Goal 2: Expand public awareness in Washington State on nuclear weapons issues
  • Goal 3: Solidify and expand the Washington Coalition to Stop the New Nuclear Arms Race
  • Goal 4: Enlist a cadre of Washington individuals with influence and power to work on behalf of the campaign
  • Goal 5: Expand and strengthen the WPSR Nuclear Weapons Abolition Task Force


Priority II: Climate Change

Our vision: A future where the relationship between climate and human health is unconditionally acknowledged, where climate conditions have stabilized such that ecological balance and the survival of the human species is no longer threatened by anthropogenic atmospheric degradation.

  • Goal 1: Implement a Washington State cap/price on greenhouse gas emissions
  • Goal 2: Prevent expansion of coal, oil, and other fossil fuel transport and storage capacity in Washington
  • Goal 3: Utilize existing authority in regulating the state’s largest polluters to reduce emissions
  • Goal 4: Transition to a clean energy economy
  • Goal 5: Create a robust internal infrastructure, allowing WPSR’s Climate and Health Task Force to evolve and grow
  • Goal 6: Washington's healthcare community takes responsibility for leading climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Goal 7: Publicize health consequences of climate change and solutions to general public
  • Goal 8: Speak directly to the public about the health risks of climate change


Priority III: Income Inequality

Our vision: Improved population health outcomes as a result of increased economic equality and greater support for early life, especially the first thousand days after conception.

  • Goal 1: Support efforts recognizing the importance of the first thousand days after conception in producing adult health
  • Goal 2: Get an effective paid parental leave policy passed and operational in Washington State
  • Goal 3: Collaborate with other organizations and leaders working on paid parental leave
  • Goal 4: Adopt as a position statement a resolution on paid parental leave, as a means of reducing negative health outcomes that result from economic disparities