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2018 Pacific Northwest Interfaith Peace Walk

2018 Pacific Northwest Interfaith Peace Walk
No More War- A World without Nuclear Weapons

This will be the 14th Peace Walk in the Pacific Northwest

We walk, listen, and share the voices of the victims of warfare.

For the past 14 years, we have walked in OR, WA, CA, NM & BC. Our tie to the Marshallese Community in Salem has been strengthened through walking and praying with them. The steps we take are small, just like a ripple in a pond, yet, it is certainly a way to teach the promise of peace on this earth. We will walk 11-16 miles per day. Work for peace by walking just one day or even 1 hour, or talking at our evening potluck dinner. Bring personal gear and smile with you. All are Welcome!

The smallest contribution gratefully received.