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Nagasaki-Hanford Bridge Project

  • Walla Walla, WA and Richland, WA (map)

Nagasaki-Hanford Bridge Project: Joining the Victims of Production and Use of Nuclear Weapons

Beginning March 5, 2018 a Japanese “hibakusha” (atomic bomb survivor), Mr. Mitsugi
Moriguchi, a child at the time of the Nagasaki bombing, will visit the Hanford region as a first messenger to Hanford from Nagasaki, on a mission of peace. It is a mission funded, in part, by the City of Nagasaki. In addition to participating in a series of public events, Mr. Moriguchi will meet with Hanford Downwinders exposed in childhood to ionizing radiation from Hanford. Mr. Moriguchi will be accompanied by an undergraduate student from Nagasaki University who will meet and connect with local students in Washington state.

The events of the Nagasaki-Hanford Bridge Project are sponsored by Consequences of
Radiation Exposure (CORE),* a Washington State non-profit, and Global Studies at
Whitman College. The program opens in Walla Walla, Washington and moves to Richland, Washington.


Contact: Trisha Pritikin, Hanford Downwinder, President, Board of Directors, CORE (