Tell Gov Inslee: Be a leader against Kinder Morgan!

Sign this letter to Governor Inslee drafted with our partners in the Stand Up to Oil coalition

On April 18, Kinder Morgan announced that it will suspend all non-essential activities and related spending on its dirty pipeline and tanker project. Their proposed pipeline would span nearly 700-miles and is strongly opposed by First Nations and countless others. The company will make a decision on if they will go forward by May 31. Now is the time for elected leaders in the Salish Sea to continue to resist Kinder Morgan. British Columbian Premier John Horgan is taking the heat from Justin Trudeau and the Canadian federal government as he continues to vow to stop Kinder Morgan. He can hold an even harder line with cross-border support from Washington.

We need Governor Insee to step up his opposition to the project. Washingtonians would be directly impacted by this project, as all oil tanker traffic from the facility must travel through our waters and threatens public health and safety. Tar sounds oil is particularly hazardous and difficult to clean up - let's make sure our state won't have to deal with the consequences. 

Let’s ask Inslee to lead with Horgan, and voice his opposition loud and clear. Send the Governor your letter today! 

Photography: Survival Media Agency, Emma Cassidy. Action: Organized by Mosquito Fleet via Sierra Club

Photography: Survival Media Agency, Emma Cassidy. Action: Organized by Mosquito Fleet via Sierra Club

Dear Governor Inslee,

Thank you for your opposition to Kinder Morgan’s proposed pipeline, and for standing up for indigenous rights, our lands and waters, our communities, and our economy.

Kinder Morgan will make a decision by May 31st on whether to continue with its dangerous pipeline project. We ask you to stand with B.C. Premier John Horgan in sending a clear message to the world: The Pacific Northwest is united against dirty tar sands oil, and Kinder Morgan’s pipeline and tankers have no place here.

This pipeline and tanker project is a direct affront to U.S. Tribal Treaties and First Nations’ sovereignty. Washingtonians are standing with Tribes and First Nations, and we will be making it clear throughout the month of May that we back up B.C. in opposing Kinder Morgan. We are hopeful that you will do everything in your power to represent this opposition.

Washington already accepts Canadian tar sands oil from the Puget Sound Pipeline, the Southern spur of the existing Trans Mountain Pipeline. Kinder Morgan has bragged publicly about their ability to expand the Puget Sound Pipeline. This puts Washington squarely in the middle of another fossil fuel expansion fight. We urge you to affirm publicly that our state will not accept such an expansion under your watch.

Washingtonian's economy and livelihood depends on clean water, clean air, and a vibrant Puget Sound. Not to mention the threat of ecological destruction and loss of our salmon and orca populations from an Exxon Valdez like oil spill. As our Governor, we ask that you use your position to represent us in the opposition to this project.

Please fight for all Washingtonians and our shared waters, salmon, orcas, and climate. As Tsleil-Waututh elder Ta’ah, Amy George says, Warrior Up, Governor Inslee!


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